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The European Multilingual Thesaurus on Health Promotion

The European multilingual thesaurus on health promotion (HPMULTI)

The European multilingual thesaurus on health promotion is produced by the
European Commission and contains around 1200 concepts to cover the key
issues of health education, health promotion and patient education in
Europe. This version of HPMULTI in SKOS format is based on the original
HPMULTI thesaurus published on the HPMULTI website (

The macrostructure, i.e., the top levels of the HPMULTI hierarchy, is
represented using a subclass (hpm:MacroConcept) of skos:Concept. Identifiers
for macrostructural concepts follow the original numbering, with a "M"
prepended for technical reasons. In the original HPMULTI macrostructure,
macro-level categories only have English-language labels; this version
includes Finnish translations of these labels.

Identifiers of regular concepts (e.g. "T00249") are based on the numbering
used in the Metathesaurus Rex project, produced by the Finnish Medical
Society Duodecim.

Some obvious typographical errors in the original HPMULTI data have been
corrected, as well as a few cases of incorrect structure, e.g., loops and
inconsistencies in semantic relationships.

The current version is incomplete, featuring a) the complete macrostructure
with added Finnish translations b) all concepts and their preferred labels
in all HPMULTI languages, with the exception of Greek (due to problems in
character set conversion) c) non-preferred labels in Finnish only and d)
semantic relations based on the Finnish term listing, with some corrections.

The conversion of HPMULTI to SKOS has been performed within the FinnONTO


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