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Particle Shape
This file contains the CGI Particle Shape vocabulary, as defined by the IUGS Commission for Geoscience Information (CGI) Geoscience Terminology Working Group. The Shape attribute describes, a) the development of crystal faces bounding particles in crystalline compond materials, and b) surface rounding of grains in sedimentary rocks. Roundness is a measure of the sharpness of the edges between surfaces bounding a particle (see Jackson, 1997; Wadell, 1932) and is an indication of the degree of abrasion of a clastic particle. Expressed by Wadell (1932) as the ratio of the average radius of curvature of the several edges or corners of the particle to the radius of curvature of the maximum inscribed sphere (or to one-half the nominal diameter of the particle). The value is more conveniently computed from a plane figure (a projection or cross section); thus, roundness may be defined as the ratio of the average radius of curvature of the corners of the particle image to the radius of the maximum inscribed circle. A perfectly rounded particle (such as a sphere) has a roundness value of 1.0; less-rounded particles have values less than 1.0. The corresponding concept in aggregates with crystalline as opposed to clastic grains is here referred to as crystallinity, and is the degree to which a mineral grain is bounded by crystal faces. Terms should be appropriate for the kind of compound material (eg: for crystalline rocks- euhedral, ideoblastic, subhedral, anhedral, xenoblastic; for sedimentary rocks - angular, rounded). By extension, this vocabulary includes all concepts in this conceptScheme, as well as concepts in any previous versions of the scheme.
2009-07-14. Generate SKOS encoding of vocabulary from Excel spreadsheet.
2009-12-07 SMR Update metadata properties for version, creator, title, and format. Change skos:HistoryNote to dc:source for information on origin of terms and definitions.
2010-11-28 SMR Replace URN with htt URI identifiers according to CGI URI scheme (see
2012-02-07 SMR update URI to replace numeric final token with English-language string as in original URN scheme.
2012-02-27 SMR add skos:exactMatch triples to map URIs for concepts in this vocabulary to number-token URIs in 201012 version of same concepts.
2012-11-24 SMR Update to 201211 version; add collection entity, check all pref labels are lower case, remove owl:NamedIndividual and Owl:Thing rdf:types.
2016-11-25 OLR regenerate SKOS-RDF file as part of migration to new vocabulary server. Added hierarchy to vocabulary.
This file contains the 2016 SKOS-RDF version of the CGI Particle Shape vocabulary. Compilation and review in MS Excel spreadsheet, converted to MS Excel for SKOS generation using SKOS_for_GA_from_XLS_2016.03.xslt

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