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techniques > forwarding techniques > lacing (techniques) > one-hole and turn-in lacing (ties)
one-hole and turn-in lacing (ties)  
  • A technique of tie-lacing in which the inner end of the tie is placed between the turn-in and the outside of the cover and is either brought through a hole or slot in a wide turn-in or over the edge of a narrow turn-in before being laced through the turn-in, its own inner end and the outside of the cover to form the tie. Ties that are now missing but which were originally brought around the edge of the turn-in can often be recognised by the crushing of the edge as the tie was pulled tight. Occasionally, French binders, who made regular use of this type of tie, would indent a wide turn-in to create narrower sections to allow the ties to be pulled around the edges of the turn-ins.
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