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Railroads -- Canada  
  • Canada -- Railroads
  • Rail industry -- Canada
  • Rail lines -- Canada
  • Rail transportation -- Canada
  • Railway industry -- Canada
  • Railway lines -- Canada
  • Railways -- Canada
  • Railway transportation -- Canada
  • Works about a particular railway company or system are entered under the corporate heading for the name used during the latest period covered in the work, e.g. Canadian Pacific Railway Company; CP Rail. These headings are assigned to works on all topics related to the railway, as well as works that discuss only administrative matters or the corporate aspects of the railway, such as business affairs, finances, and personnel. For works discussing the railway as a physical entity, including discussion of its lines, tracks, rolling stock, buildings associated with it, the details of its construction, etc., assign an additional topical heading Railroads-- [place], or an additional heading for a more specific type of railway, and in addition headings for other specific topics discussed in the work, e.g.1. CP Rail--History. 2. Railroads--Canada--History.; 1. Canadian Pacific Railway Company. 2. Railroads--Canada. 3. Steam locomotives--Canada.
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