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Federal government -- Canada  
  • Canada -- Federal government
  • Canada -- National unity problem
  • Canadian unity problem
  • Division of powers -- Canada
  • Federal government -- Law and legislation -- Canada
  • Federalism -- Canada
  • National unity problem (Canada)
  • Renewed federalism -- Canada
  • Here also are entered works about the breakdown of Canadian federalism which also discuss proposed remedies such as renewed federalism, constitutional reforms, etc. General works dealing with regional alienation and separatist movements in various parts of Canada are entered under Regionalism--Canada. Works specifically about disputes between the federal and provincial governments are entered under Federal-provincial relations--Canada.
  • Here are entered theoretical works about Canadian federalism and the federal structure of government in Canada, including works about the division of powers between the federal government on one hand and the provincial governments on the other. Works about Canadian political affairs, the political situation, conditions or history are entered under Canada--Politics and government ; whether discussing the country as a whole or only the federal level.
  • Works about the division of powers among the executive, legislative and judicial branches of governments in general in Canada, as well as works specifically about the division of powers within the federal government are entered under Separation of powers--Canada.
  • Notes under Canada--Relations; Regionalism--Canada; Separation of powers--Canada.
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