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Red River Settlement  
  • Manitoba -- History -- To 1870
  • Manitoba -- Politics and government -- To 1870
  • Red River Colony
  • Red River Settlement (Man.)
  • Selkirk Settlement
  • Here are entered works discussing the Red River Settlement as a historical entity. Works about current entities occupying this area are entered under current jurisdictional names. Only current jurisdictions may be used as geographical subdivisions under topical headings or as geographical qualifiers.
  • The Red River Settlement was established in 1812 as a proprietary colony surrounding the junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, on lands granted to the Earl of Selkirk by the Hudson's Bay Company in 1811. The official name of its governing body was the District of Assiniboia. The corporate heading for this entity, Assiniboia (District), is used only in headings for or about its official publications. In 1870 most of its territory was absorbed into the province of Manitoba. Remaining areas form parts of several other jurisdictions.
  • Note under Assiniboia (District).
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