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Administrative agencies -- Canada  
  • Administrative agencies -- Law and legislation -- Canada
  • Agencies, Administrative -- Canada
  • Agencies, Executive -- Canada
  • Agencies, Government -- Canada
  • Agencies, Regulatory -- Canada
  • Canada -- Administrative agencies
  • Executive agencies -- Canada
  • Government agencies -- Canada
  • Regulatory agencies -- Canada
  • Further subdivisions listed here may, if appropriate, also be used under Executive departments--Canada, headings for types of government administered institutions, or under corporate headings for names of particular departments or agencies, e.g. Executive departments--Canada--Officials and employees; Prisons--Canada--Equipment and supplies; Canada. Foreign Affairs Canada--Personnel management.
  • Here are entered works discussing collectively the departments or ministries as well as the specialized agencies such as boards and commissions, which are part of the executive branch of governments in Canada. Here are also entered such works limited in scope to the Canadian federal government.
  • Works discussing the administrative agencies of a particular provincial or municipal government are entered under this heading with the appropriate geographical subdivision, e.g. Administrative agencies--Ontario; Administrative agencies--Ontario--Toronto.
  • Works limited to discussion of the departments or ministries only, excluding the other agencies, are entered under Executive departments--Canada.
  • Works on the organization of official bodies concerned with administrative adjudication in Canada as well as those quasi-judicial agencies (within departments or independent, such as boards, commissions, etc.) which perform administrative judicial functions are entered under Administrative courts--Canada.
  • Note under Executive departments--Canada.
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