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Canadian drama  
  • Drama, Canadian
  • Plays, Canadian
  • Discussions of a topic as a theme in drama are entered under headings of the type [topic] in literature, e.g. Acadians in literature; Native peoples in literature; Voyageurs in literature; or, if the topic is a personal, geographical, corporate or family name, under [topic] --In literature, e.g. Canada--In literature; University of Alberta--In literature; McLeod family--In literature ; if the topic is a particular war, under the heading for the war with subdivision Literature and the war, e.g. Canada--History--War of 1812--Literature and the war.
  • Here are entered collections of Canadian drama in more than one language and not limited to a particular time period or a particular type of drama. For collections limited to a time period chronological subdivisions listed under Canadian literature may also be used here. Collections limited to a particular type of drama, if also limited to a time period, are assigned two headings, one for form and one for period under the heading for the basic literary genre, e.g.: l. One-act plays, Canadian. 2. Canadian drama--20th century.
  • May be qualified by language; cf. instructions under Canadian literature.
  • May be subdivided geographically for collections by authors from one particular area.
  • Notes under Canadian literature; Theater--Canada; Theaters--Canada.
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