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Municipal government -- Canada  
  • Canada -- Local government
  • Canada -- Municipal government
  • Cities and towns -- Canada -- Government
  • City government -- Canada
  • Local government -- Canada
  • Local government reform -- Canada
  • Municipal administration -- Canada
  • Municipal government reform -- Canada
  • Municipalities -- Canada
  • Municipal reform -- Canada
  • Municipal reforms -- Canada
  • Reform of local government -- Canada
  • Reform of municipal government -- Canada
  • Township government -- Canada
  • Urban politics -- Canada
  • Here are entered works discussing collectively the government and administration of incorporated municipal or local governmental units in Canada as well as works that also include some information on unincorporated communities possessing limited powers of their own through bodies such as local service or improvement districts. Incorporated municipal units include cities, towns, villages, townships and rural municipalities, as well as counties, regional districts, regional municipalities and regional county municipalities. The terminology and types of units vary among the provinces and territories.
  • Statistical and descriptive works (sociological and topographic) on cities and towns are entered under Cities and towns--Canada.
  • Works limited to discussion of the regional county municipalities in Quebec are entered under Regional county municipalities. Works limited to discussion of unincorporated communities are entered under Unincorporated areas--Canada.
  • Note under Cities and towns--Canada.
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